Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Podcast: Higher Critical Essay Workshop

I've prepared a podcast to help you with your revision for the Higher English Critical Essay. The Podcast is broken down into four chunks:

1. Using Your Time in the Exam
2. Picking a Task & Understanding its Demands
3. Producing a Paragraph Plan
4. Writing the Critical Essay

There's also an appendix file:

5. Detailed PEAR Walkthrough

You can download the specific files by clicking on the links above.
Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Podcast.

There are four sheets to accompany the Podcast:
Sheet1: Extract of Questions
Sheet2: Sequencing Sheet Exemplar
Sheet3: Example Plan / Exam Timing Guide
Sheet4: Revision Tasks from the Podcast

*** If there isn't an active link, it's because I haven't uploaded it yet. All links should be active by Monday 7th April ***

Good luck with your revision! S. Stothers


Anonymous said...

A massive "THANK YOU" to your enterprising Department for developing the Higher Critical Essay podcast.
Your resource was invaluable to my daughter as it provided a "failsafe formula" to answer a critical essay question.
The end result was an "A" in her Higher English - many thanks again!

An Ayrshire mum

Anonymous said...

When will links be active by?

RHS said...

This is a very old post. All the critical essay videos are now on the Youtube channel. Here's the link to the first one.

You can click-through to the support sheets via the description box beneath each video.