Saturday, May 03, 2008

5-14: S1 Homework - Imaginative Writing

Techniques Grid
Before you submit your imaginative essay, you should consider how good it is. The techniques grid we drew up together should help you with this.

The Grid
Your grid should consist of six columns. The column headings are:

Sight | Touch | Sound | Smell / Taste | Show feelings | Vocabulary

Read your essay and, when you find something that fits into a column, underline it and copy the quote onto your grid. Remember to use quote marks and write down the paragraph number.

For column Five (show feelings)
You should, of course, write quotes for instances where you’ve shown how a character is feeling. These examples illustrate the difference between showing and stating:

“John was happy.” = Simply stating.
“A smile crept across John’s face.” = Showing.

Beside each quote in this column, write the feeling that is shown.

For Column Six (vocabulary)
Beside each word, write the more basic word that the more interesting vocabulary is used in place of. For example:

“sauntered” p. 3 – walked (casually)
“yelled” p. 1 – said (angrily)