Sunday, February 17, 2008

Standard Grade: S3 Personal Writing

Your Personal Essay must be submitted on Thursday 21st February. You've had some time in class for this, and have completed a few tasks to help improve your writing.
The PowerPoint on creating a good opening (using the 'jellyfish' example) can be downloaded here.
An example essay (using some of the skills you've been working on) can be downloaded here.
A copy of the worksheet detailing the task can be downloaded here.

Basic Plan
The following paragraph plan might be useful. Remember, you are free to sequence the essay in any way you please. The examiner will probably be more impressed if you are able to avoid a linear approach (first… then… then… finally..).

1. Feeling
Describe the impact of the event without giving any details away.

2. Flashback
Write about what happened before the event (you might describe how ordinary the day seemed / how happy the morning was)

3. Build-up
Bring the reader up to the event

4. Event
Describe the event in vivid detail

5. Aftermath
Describe what happened immediately after the event

6. Looking Back
Describe how the event has affected you / has it changed you?
Perhaps you feel stupid for acting in the way you did.
Perhaps you feel proud.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Stothers,
Just downloaded someworksheets for use with my class. Keep up the good work!!
Mr Wilson