Monday, January 21, 2008

Standard Grade: S3 Close Reading Homework

Understanding Questions
Here’s an example of an understanding question:

The foreman led them into a small reception hall. He seemed genuinely upset. It showed in his walk and now in his words. “Blowing off steam about yer wages! Shy didn’t you come to me? He don’t hold with underhand methods.

Question: How could the girls tell that the foreman was “genuinely upset”? [2/1/0]

Bring in a few paragraphs (fiction or non-fiction) and two understanding questions for them.
You should include the marks allocation (either [2/0] or [2/1/0]) and the suggested response.

Focus of Understanding Questions
Looking for central ideas.
Working out the meaning of a word by looking at the words around it (context)
Summing up an idea / line of thought / argument

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