Friday, January 18, 2008

Higher: Othello

Well done in your Timed Critical Evaluations! I hope the feedback that you have received so far, particularly the focus on timed PEAR paragraphs, has helped. One wee thing (that was, like, dead frustrating) was your use of the phrase 'bring him down,' as in: 'Iago was determined to bring him down.' Here's the result of the pair-task to think of alternative (more literary) phrases:

diminish his reputation
bring about his demise
tarnish his good name
usurp his authority
ruined his reputation
end his euphoria (?)
usurp his power
continue his vendetta against him
cloud his nature in the eyes of others
downgrade him from his position of power
lessen him in Othello's eyes
destroy his career / reputation
emotionally cripple him
bring about his downfall

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