Monday, December 03, 2007

Higher: Close Reading Notes

Here are the two Close Reading notes from our lesson today:

Word Choice
For word choice questions, at Higher, an insightful comment must be made. To avoid the classic mistake of providing a thin answer, don’t just say that a word achieves a particular effect, say how it does so.

‘The boy’s face went crimson as granny’s welcoming hug became a passionate embrace.’

Just saying: The word “crimson” is effective as it shows he’s embarrassed.

Saying how: The word “crimson” is effective because we get a clear picture of how the boy’s face changed: he involuntarily flushes with colour and reveals his mortification.

Analyse / Evaluate
For analyse / evaluate questions you’re having to work relatively hard for your marks. You must remember that you have to assess how well the writer has achieved a particular effect / conveyed an idea.

If you are asked to examine the writer’s presentation of her ideas, you must ensure you state what the ideas are before evaluating her literary achievements / failures.

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