Friday, November 30, 2007

Standard Grade: The Merchant of Venice

Summary of Act Two
Copy down the title (above).
Jot down the Act and Scene numbers (below) and match them to the correct summary sentences (they are not in the right order).

A2S1 Shylock goes out for dinner, warning Jessica to lock up
A2S2 Launcelot (Shylock’s servant) informs Jessica (Shylock’s daughter) he will be leaving his service. Jessica makes a decision.
A2S3 Belmont: The prince of Morocco makes his choice
A2S4 Belmont: The prince of Morocco drops in.
A2S5 Launcelot Gobbo laments his position.
A2S6 Lorenzo receives a letter from Jessica – she will run away with him, taking many of Shylock’s jewels with her.
A2S7 Belmont: The prince of Arragon arrives at Belmont
A2S8 Jessica, assisted by Lorenzo. makes her escape
A2S9 Salerio & Solanio discuss Shylock’s rage

PEAR Paragraph: Shylock’s Confusion
Download this word document.
Complete the questions, but leave the paragraph for now.

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