Sunday, June 03, 2007

NQ: Personal Study Presentation

Unit 3 of the Higher course is known as the Personal Study.

To pass this unit, you must write about a text you have chosen, read and designed a task for by yourself. Your teacher can guide you through this process, but the work must be your own - we can't give you a task or write out a plan for your essay.

We can, however, give you general advice on how to pass this unit, and support you as you go along. This is what the Scottish Qualifications Authority says about the Personal Study:

"The Personal Study Unit allows the candidate to make an individual choice of text(s) for independent study. The assessment task is either a written essay or a spoken presentation about the chosen text(s).

Time-limits and controlled conditions apply, but access is allowed to text(s) and to the candidate’s own notes."

To help you with this, here's a PowerPoint presentation that takes you through the process.

Here's a PDF of the handouts that accompany it.

If you're having problems...

viewing the presentation:
If you don't have PowerPoint (or an alternative viewer) you can get an open-source program here: OpenOffice.
Alternatively, you can download a Microsoft PowerPoint viewer here: Microsoft.
If you're using a Mac, try here: Microsoft Mac version.

viewing the handouts:
You can download a free PDF viewer here: Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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