Tuesday, May 29, 2007

P7 Induction

Well… how was it?

We hope you've enjoyed your short visit!
We're sure you'll be answering lots of questions when you get home - we've got some for you too:

Was it what you expected?
What were the best bits?

What lessons did you like the most?
What were the teachers like?
What are you looking forward to most in August?

We’d like to know what you think. Add a comment to this post to let us know what your first day of High School was like.


allana fry said...

Allana the best thing today was english because we had a funny teacher

chloe mcintyre said...

the best thing that happened to me was english because i had a cool and a funny teacher

Rabeah said...

My High school was quite different from what i expected it to be !! I enjoyed RE best because i got to know my class a little more and i have still got more subjects to come. Overall i enjoy my practical subjects. Most teachers are good i especially like my Pastrol Support Teacher. I cant wait to start High School in August!

Rachel said...

High School Was Nothing Like I Though It Would Be . My Favourite Subjects Were English , Science And Art Was Alright .
The Teachers Good , Even Though They Shout But I Suppose Its School :) Looking Forward To Go To High School In August

Nicole, Shannon and Wallace said...

Yes it was scary but fun!!!
Art and English and er...Getting Lost!!
Art English Maths Science and Modern Studies
The teachers were so fun!!!

Nicole Gordon said...

I think it was brilliant Mr. Stothers is funny also i think that when I come up in August he will be one of my favourite teachers Thanks for having me.

Mr. Stothers said...

Thanks for the comments - we're glad you enjoyed the visit. I hope you managed to find your way out at the end of the day, Nicole, Shannon & Wallace! I reckon there's a few people here who are subtly trying to get into the good books with a wee bit of flattery. I could be wrong though...

It's been good having you. We're looking forward to seeing you all in August.

some strange person said...

i liked it english on my induction days because the activity was fun