Thursday, October 30, 2008

Higher: Close Reading Revision

Happy Halloween! I've re-formatted some very useful materials from the SQA's "Understanding Standards" website. The website was designed to allow teachers to get to grips with marking Higher English exam papers. You can have a look at the webiste for yourself by clicking this link:

The Close Reading section walks you through questions from past papers: it shows you a question, tells you where the marks come from, shows you actual answers (which you can mark for yourself), tells you what marks these answers actually got and, more importantly, why the marks were awarded. I think these materials are excellent for improving your understanding of Close Reading questions: you get a good idea of what the markers are looking for and the demands of the different question types.

You can go through these materials on the website or, if you want to save your own version (or even print it out to add to your revision notes) you can donwload the following files:

2005 Close Reading Paper
Document1: Close Reading Passage (Requires Adobe Reader)
The first part of the second document (the questions worksheets) tells you how to use the materials.

*** These files are for the 2005 Close Reading paper. I will try to add the 2004 and 2001 Close Reading files as soon as possible. ***

I hope you find these useful for your revision!

S. Stothers

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