Monday, March 25, 2013

2012 Past Papers

It's about time ;)
I've (finally) remembered to add the links to the SQA exam papers for Standard Grade / National Qualifications 2012. Check out the links in the S3/S4 & S5/S6 sections or click below. The first passage for the Higher Close Reading paper is missing (the publisher, Short Books, refused to allow its use).

Standard Grade
2012 Close Reading - Foundation (SQA): Passage
2012 Close Reading - Foundation (SQA): Questions
2012 Close Reading General (SQA): Passage
2012 Close Reading General (SQA): Questions
2012 Close Reading Credit (SQA): Passage
2012 Close Reading Credit (SQA): Questions
2012 Writing - All Levels (SQA): Tasks

National Qualifications
2012 Critical Essay - Higher (SQA): Questions

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