Thursday, September 13, 2012

Higher CR: 2006 Question 7 (Feedback)

Here's an example answer for question 7 from the 2006 Higher Close Reading.

Lines 134-144 from the passage
It might; but it would also constitute too great an intrusion on liberty for the gain in equity and efficiency it might (or might not) represent. Society has a legitimate interest in fat, because fat and thin people both pay for it. But it also has a legitimate interest in not having the government stick its nose too far into the private sphere. If people want to eat their way to grossness and an early grave, let them.

Question 7
In the final paragraph (lines 134-144) the writer makes clear that he disapproves of too much government intervention.
Show how the writer uses particular features of language to demonstrate his strength of feeling. 4A

Example Answer
Sentence Structure
The writer uses parenthesis, placing "or might not" in brackets when discussing the proposed benefits brought by action.
·        This aside makes it clear that he disapproves of government action as there is no proof that it will be successful.
·        His disapproval, suggested by this throwaway remark, is due to the uncertainty surrounding the topic and the absence of any one "right" solution.

Word Choice
“stick its nose too far into”
This informal phrase means that the government is getting involved in something it should not be tackling.
  • The informal language suggests a dismissive attitude towards the government and makes it seem like they are meddling
  • The colloquial language suggests an invasive, ignorant neighbour with nothing better to do with their time
  • This language suggests the writer doesn’t think very highly of the idea of government intervention.

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