Sunday, November 13, 2011

S5S6: The Death of Marilyn Monroe (Morgan)

One of your poems for Higher English is Edwin Morgan's The Death of Marilyn Monroe. I've added some links to the poetry section of the S5/S6 page. Here's a copy of the links (right-click to open in a new tab/window):

The Death of Marilyn Monroe - Edwin Morgan
Wikipedia Entry: Monroe's Career / Life / Death
Wikipedia Entry: Monroe's Funeral / Conspiracies
Youtube Video: Monroe's Funeral
Youtube Video: Audio of Lee Strasberg's Eulogy for Monroe
BBC Booknotes: Annotated Copy of the Poem (Registration Required)
My Week with Marilyn: Official Movie Site (UK release: 25/11/11)

Edwin Morgan
Edwin Morgan (LTS): Poems / Audio
Edwin Morgan (LTS Video): Liz Lochead Interviews Morgan
Edwin Morgan (Youtube): STV "Off the Page" Interview
Edwin Morgan (Youtube): STV "Eye to Eye" Interview
Edwin Morgan Archive (SPL): Biography / Poems / Resources
Edwin Morgan (Official Website): Biography / Work / Gallery

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