Sunday, February 01, 2009

S2: Get on your Soapbox!

In English7 your challenge is to prepare and deliver an 'election' speech.
Remember that you can fight for any cause(s) but, whatever your angle, you should speak passionately enough to win your audience's vote.

To help you with your preparation, you could check out the President Obama speech we watched: Obama Speech (YouTube)

As you will be discovering in class, President Obama uses many 'conventions' of speech-making, including: 'the rule of three', alliteration, rhetorical questions, listing and climax. Rather than simply mimicking the speech, you should try to use the same techniques to craft your own unique presentation.

Extra Bits
You can find out the history of the 'soapbox' as a political tool here.
President Obama quotes the line 'the fierce urgency of now' which was used by Dr. Martin Luther King in his famous speech: I Have a Dream (YouTube)

S. Stothers

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