Saturday, January 12, 2008

5-14: What is it 'Writer's Craft'?

Writer’s Craft: What’s it for? How do we do it?
My S1 class have been attempting some Writer’s Craft tasks. Working in groups, they answered the following questions:

A What is the purpose of Writer’s Craft? (What does it allow me to assess?)
Imagination (ability to think)
Vocabulary (word choice)
Reading accuracy.

B What do you have to do for writer’s craft?
Read a short story.
Plan what could happen.
Continue the story.

C What things do you have to look at in the original piece of writing?
Characterisation (what is the character’s personality)
Style – paragraphing (long / short) | sentences (length) | Use of direct speech | vocabulary
Setting – where it takes place | when it happens
Situation – what happens?

D What should you avoid doing?
Finishing the story. (think! a few of heartbeats)
Changing character’s personality
Adding new characters
Changing the setting
Having too much happening.
Changing the situation

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