Monday, June 09, 2008

Standard Grade: W1

Lowering the legal age for the consumption of Alcohol to 16
W1 : The legal age for the consumption of alcohol should be lowered to 16. Discuss.

Research is necessary, to gather arguments /evidence which support this idea as well as arguments/evidence which oppose it. You will be provided with a note-taking sheet.

Straight copying of paragraphs or sentences from the sites below is not allowed.

Read a bit, think about what it means, then, using your own words, make a note under the relevant heading.

Survey of lifestyle 13-15 year olds, Scotland 2002 - drinking -section 3; good diagrams*

Summary of main findings of this survey

Drugmisuse Website

How alcohol bought and consequences of drinking - Where under-age drinkers buy alcohol; bad effects of alcohol; diagrams

Alcohol and Young People - the law; effects on the body; drawings *

The Scottish Way of life? Attitudes to underage drinking; possible solutions

The Independent Newspaper - lots on the consequences of under-age drinking

Binge-drinking - the Buckfast connection

Why alcohol causes so many deaths in Scotland - Elaine C Smith column in Sunday Mail

BBC News item ,with useful links

Why the legal age should be lowered - Harper's Magazine

Let teenagers grow up sooner

Lots of alcohol-related articles in The Herald binge drinking - effects in later life

Teenage binge drinking - effects in later life

Boozer's brain damage time bomb

Attitudes to Alcohol in Europe

Alcohol age restrictions should be lowered - from the U.S. where legal age is 21, but still lots of arguments given

* this is a PDF file - You can download a free PDF viewer here: Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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