Monday, March 26, 2007

Higher: Resources

Here's a list of some websites I found useful. They may well provide information for revision.

Feel free to add comments to this post if you find any that are particularly good. Remember, especially with sites like Sparknotes, don't treat everything as truth / fact. The marker will be looking for thoughtful ideas of your own - don't simply 'crib' from these and rattle them off in the exam.

If you have any sites that you've found, please add them as a comment too!

Othello Guide - useful overview / notes from Penguin.
An essay on humour in Othello - We looked at this in class.
An online text of Othello
Podcasts of a number of scenes in Othello / Analysis of scenes - Some of these were used in lessons.
Another Othello Podcast - this one's a bit more general. - useful summaries - I find this quite useful for skimming chapter summaries.
A Flash game for LotF - I think the Americans would call this "Edutainment".
A LotF Link-Site - Lots of good links here.
Bitesize Revision - Stuff from the BBC.

And finally - something to help when all that revision makes you hungry.

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